Songs For Outsiders

by Viva La Burn

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In 2015 we set off in earnest to record an EP, with gigs on hold and all brains on full power in pre-production we wrote the best six songs we could. Recorded over two studios from March to August, here is the result. Hope you Enjoy...

Tracks 1-3 Recorded at the Boneyard Studio, Neath
Tracks 4-6 Recorded at Pitch Black Studio, Swansea

Thanks to
The Boneyard Studio,Neath
Pitch Black Studio, Swansea
Simon Lewis
Dolls House Abertillery
Dapper FM
Richard Fenwick and the Thursday Night Rocks crew
Chunky's Choice Cuts a.k.a Gareth Dyton, Lord Fido Huffington
The Rock n Roll Circus BRFM
Neil's Dad
And everyone who has supported us.

Copyright 2015
All Rights Reserved

Cover Artwork
Testa anatomica; profile view of male human head composed of writhing, apparently tormented naked men. Oil 1854 By: Filippo Balbi
Used under the Creative Commons Attribution only licence from the Wellcome Gallery, London
Changes made to surrounding background


released September 3, 2015

Chris Powell Vocals
Gavin Jones Lead Guitar
Joss Ingram Rhythm Guitar
Jason Morgan Bass
Neil Andrews Drums



all rights reserved


Viva La Burn Cardiff, UK

Cardiff based Heavy Rock Stoner band

Viva La Burn are a Cardiff based rock band. Taking influence from a wide spectrum of palettes. The heavy musical influences have origins dating to the late 1960s British rock scene, and grew in the deserts of the USA during the 80's and 90's. Expect valve amps cooking and loud drums with driven bass and a less than obvious vocal delivery. ... more

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Track Name: The Sea Grave
Waiting for sight of a ship on the horizon
Distractions from this day mundane
To see them navigate the islands
Watch them on their lonely way

We sit here forever
We stare at the sea
This is our time
This is how we'll always be

Talk of the wreck as always
Remembering the noble drowned
A lighthouse too far to guide them
And rocks too close to spare their bones

Sinews twisted
And hope resisted
Never seized the day
The depths received them
When none could free them
Gathered to their grave
Track Name: The Indian Proverb
I look at them
They look into me
Attachment so strong
My possessions own me

Life is a bridge
Cross over it
Life is a bridge
Build no houses on it

I covet for its own sake
I crown 'desire' king
My soul could be so pure
Instead my greed is everything

Amounting wealth
Through daily daggers
To have, to hold, to dream
Amounting wealth
Through daily daggers
A lust for shiny things it seems
Track Name: The Second Definition
No it won't be easy
Living forever
Everyone you know will die
Or their faces turn like leather

A better man, a better man, a better man
Might roll back his eyes
A better man, a better man, a better man
Might roll back his eyes
And die within, and die within, and die
Die within his shell
And die within, and die within, and die
Die within his shell

You'll become tedious
Your stories too well known
Their ignorance your torture
Your heart will weigh like stone

I transcended your morality
As my pain went unheard
The world gets the version
Of me it deserves

You'll flood their cities
And scorch their lands
You'll demand their faith
When their fate rests in your hands

A better man, a better man, a better man (repeat)
Might hide his hell so others might be well
Track Name: The Evaporation
Rain is dripping from the light
I'm asleep, I'm alright
I'm writing down my thoughts
In splendid dereliction

Falling fuzzy through night
All confused and yielding to regret
They of the dream leave you to fend
For your meaning, your death until the dream's end

The vision once solid and wise
Cannot pass with you to morning
In mourning now, all vagueness and blur
Wispy hollow remnants of perfect words

Your forgotten words
On the tip of your brain
Hint at, allude to
Track Name: The Burden
You are not the vessel of all acceptance
On the horizon of best intentions
Harvesting my guilt to soothe your pain
Lashing out to keep you sane.

Nothing but obligation
We are bonded by blood
There is no love between us
Resentment makes its home

We grow old as strangers now
Once you knew my deepest thoughts
If I could find a way, this tie to sever
Forever I'd embrace the freedom sought

From your view point
You see the truth sharp and clear
I've grown to see a world through
The lens of distrust and fear
Track Name: The Circle
The sorrow of a life less ordinary
To lose hope is a dangerous thing
In a world determined to crush you
How can you rest, how can you breath

Just give me a sign you know me
A tell that shows you know who I am
Show me their lies have fallen around you
Let the circle smile on our plan

Kindness a luxury I can't afford
I occupy a world much different from yours
Anoint their food, anoint the plebeian
Their loins can never bare gifts again

Your thoughts are crass and lucid
You shame the many other spheres
You build your nation blindly
Moulded from all garish fears