Viva La Burn Demo

by Viva La Burn

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The first 3 demo tracks from Viva La Burn


released May 6, 2012

Recorded at Home Away From Home Studios
Mastered by Reel Time Studios (Meurig Hailstone)



all rights reserved


Viva La Burn Cardiff, UK

Cardiff based Heavy Rock Stoner band

Viva La Burn are a Cardiff based rock band. Taking influence from a wide spectrum of palettes. The heavy musical influences have origins dating to the late 1960s British rock scene, and grew in the deserts of the USA during the 80's and 90's. Expect valve amps cooking and loud drums with driven bass and a less than obvious vocal delivery. ... more

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Track Name: Death Star Heart
Death Star Heart

Must be manipulative and shallow
And on the wrong side of insane
And just after you leave a room
People ask if there is something wrong with your brain
Morals are for other people
You don't see things so cut and dry
I think I've always loved you
When you make me want to die

Chorus :

You're so alluring
You're so right for the part
You know I only want you
If you've got a Death Star for a heart

You want to crush my sensibilities
You want to rid me of my trust
Crash and burn this relationship
Lets date, cos I feel we must.
You're a narcissist, I'm a heathen
Lets make the floor red with blood
Lets bolster our defences
Soon the world will come for us
Track Name: The Wound
The Wound

Spending time with you, makes me think of death
Every word you utter, is steeped in hate and yet
I keep coming back to sit here on this chair
Accusations like paper cuts which I have learnt to bare

Chorus :

Tell me where is your god to mitigate this pain
To explain just how i feel
If it's true I'll rebel until my final breath
Because some wounds never heal

An imperfect world creates perfect guilt
and debts I can never repay
I am fodder for your neurosis
Obligation makes me a slave
Track Name: Mantra

You're young and still trying
But you're failing, therefore dying
Your optimism is obscene
Never hope, Never dream
Living out a perfect life
Will wear you down in time
With no margin for you to fail
To ruination we set sail


Never hope, Never dream
Never hope, Never dream
Never hope, Never dream
Always them, always me

Now you're older, now you're crushed
Reluctantly a wind torn husk
Weathered by the ravishes of the sea
The salt corrodes the best of dreams
Living out a compromise
Expectations give way to lies
And a lie to your self is worth ten to me
Never hope, never dream

Repeat chorus